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What's It All About, Anyway?

A Simple Explanation

Ear candling is a simple home remedy that you can use to remove excessive wax buildup from your ears. You naturally have wax in your ear canal and guess what - it's supposed to be there! It protects the surface of the ear canal and because it's a little sticky, it traps anything that shouldn’t be getting into your ear - like dust, tiny insects, bacteria - whatever.

Your mother probably told you to clean your ears when you were growing up because this wax naturally moves through your ear canal to the outside of your ear and she didn't want to see it. But sometimes your ears need a little help.

Enter - the ear candle.

It's a specially made hollow candle which is narrower at one end than the other. You light the wider end and rest the narrow end on an angle gently in your ear. There is a gentle movement of wax through your ear canal due to the "chimney effect" of the candle.

And that's about it!

There are a few precautions, so take a look at the other pages in my site, there are some helpful hints and also information on how to make your own.

You can also learn about the benefits of having candles with organic essentials oils. They add to the enjoyment of your experience with the candles as well as having marvelous health benefits. Click on the "About Essential Oils" to find out more about organic essential oils.

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