Frankincense -
Liquid Gold

Wow. I’ve just spent some time researching frankincense and it is amazing! I have some and I just love it. It’s fairly pricey, (worth its weight in gold, as they say).

How I Discovered Frankincense

The teens in the church I was going to decided they wanted to buy a set of drums so they had a yard sale. I wasn’t really interested in going over for it but my husband did. He came back and said, “You might want to go over there, they have two oils for sale there, I think it’s the kind of stuff you like to buy.”

So I went there and saw to my utmost amazement – one of the kids had brought in two bottles of Young Living Oils – like – the best in the world – and neither one had been opened.

I’m like “Why?”

“I dunno, my mom didn’t want them anymore.”

Well. I wasn’t going to argue. I just calmly said, “Well, I didn’t bring my money over, I’ll go get it. Is $20.00 ok for the two of them?”

They were selling things for .25, .75, $1.25, so $20.00 sounded like a windfall to them and they were very happy to agree.

And I was very, very happy to get not only a bottle of Young Living Clove essential oil, but a bottle of that liquid gold, Young Living Frankincense. I calmly gave them my $20.00, calmly walked back home and then did the happy dance! How cool was that!

Should be called "Super-Frankincense"

This essential oil is so good for – well – pretty well everything, I think; your spiritual side, your mental and emotional, and your physical self. Just how many times am I going to use the word, “amazing”, anyway? Because it really is.

It works for things you’d never think of. For instance, my mom had macular degeneration. Without going into huge explanations, basically it’s the leading cause of blindness in adults over 55 years of age in the United States. According to medicine plusabout macular degeneration, "Treatment can slow vision loss. It does not restore vision."1.

Well, that’s discouraging! But (drum roll) enter Frankincense. Take a look at this YouTube video for a story about one person who is using this oil for her macular degeneration and her eyesight is improving! Even the Bible records that Moses "was one hundred and twenty years old when he died. His eyes were not dim nor his natural vigor diminished."2 Of course these priest guys were around essential oils including this one all the time.

Spirituality and Science?

There is a lot of interest in spirituality these days – not necessarily “religion” or “church”, but there is an awareness that there is a higher power of some kind, and that connecting with this higher power adds meaning to your life.

If you are wanting to spend some time in prayer or meditation, but just find it hard to sit still or keep your thoughts focused, this oil will help. You can breathe it in, apply it on your skin or burn some frankincense resin. Maybe it’s true that it helps awaken your spiritual self, even some recent scientific research supports this idea.3 (See Young Living Frankincense: An Ancient Gift Supported by Modern Science .) Whatever it does, everyone who uses this oil seems to agree that it awakens your awareness and gives you mental calm.

Frankincense also contains “sesquiterpenes”, these stimulate the limbic system of the brain – the center of memory and emotions – and the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands. It helps you get out of the fear, hate and anger and helps you move toward peace, joy and love, encouraging a positive state. If you’re obsessing over past negative events, it will help you to move forward, out of that obsessive state.

If you feel depressed sometimes, or having anxiety (no fun at all!) try this oil. So many people find that it helps.

And It Does More

  • It's a disinfectant. Even burning the resin will get rid of germs in the whole place. Take your resin burner to work the next time the flu is going around. It'll improve the everyone’s moods at the same time and they won't even know what hit them!

  • This oil is an "astringent" which helps muscles and blood vessels to contract. This results in stronger gums and hair roots, and tones and lifts the skin, helping to remove wrinkles. It also helps to stop cuts and wounds from bleeding.

  • If you have bloating, burping and indigestion, this oil will help eliminate rid of the gas that causes it.

  • It helps scars, stretch marks, marks from boils, acne and pox etc. on the skin to fade away.

  • Frankincense helps to clear up congestion in the lungs, helping to clear up the phlegm that is in your respiratory tracts and lungs.

  • And yes, you can take it internally, and it will help your digestion. You might want to put it into capsules, or you can dilute a drop in 4 oz. of liquid such as soy or rice milk.

  • And at the end of the day, you're only as healthy as your cells. this oil helps to keep your cells from being broken down and helps to keep your cells healthy.

So what's not to love about Frankincense? No matter what area of your life it is that you want to work on, this wonderful oil will smooth the way. When you are ordering the Frankincense , please enter 1022863 when creating your free account).

More "Frankin-Sense"

  • Use this resin to experience the essence of Gary Young's journey along the Frankincense Trail. This Red Holiday bag contains Boswellia cateri resin.

  • For thousands or years frankincense has been know by the ancient world for its healing and spiritual properties. When burned in a Young Living resin burner, the vapour creates a sacred atmosphere that enhances meditation, reduces stress and tension, and uplifts one spiritually. Use Young Living's "pearls of the desert" to enhance your own sacred space.

  • Use the whispering essences from Young Living's Resin Burner to transport yourself to the ancient lands of Arabia. Simply place a few pieces of resin on the burner and take in the aromatic spirit of the desert. The resin's vapor will deepen your meditation and invite a sacred atmosphere. The Resin Burner comes with a complimentary bag of frankincense resin.

Helpful Tips for Use from Young Living 4

  • Inhale this essential oil after lunch to spiritually refocus.

  • Rub it on the bottom of your feet to help alleviate nervous energy.

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