There's a lot of info out there,
both for and against ear candling.

Who do you believe?

I have to admit, I find myself shaking my head at some of claims being made about ear candling.

So, who should I believe? Well - I think I’ll believe myself!

My sister first introduced this home remedy at a family barbeque, and since I had been having a problem with plugged up ears, it immediately caught my attention.

I had also been seeing a nutritionist and when I asked her if she had ever heard of this (and of course she had!:), she offered to do a session for me. This is what I found.

She brought out some ear candles which are shaped like long tapered candles, except they are hollow and they do not have candle wicks. She used an ordinary aluminum pie plate to catch any drips from the candle, punching a hole in the middle in order to insert the candle. She lit the wider end of the candle and rested the narrower end gently in my ear.

After a few moments I heard some small sounds – a crinkling or rustling sound. I didn’t know what I was hearing, was it the flame? Was it wax moving through my ear? I didn't know, but I’ve since decided I am hearing the soft crackling of the flame - but that’s my own opinion.

I didn’t notice much else, but when the candle had burnt down, she cut it open and there was about an inch of – ear wax, I supposed. She told me that ear wax is a natural protection in the ear canal, and that after a session, I shouldn’t do things like swimming or soaking my head for 24 hours, so that I wouldn’t get water in my ears until the natural protection is back.

I did notice a difference afterward; my ears didn’t feel so plugged and my hearing was sharper – well – for several weeks anyway when my ears seemed to plug up again. At this time I hadn’t done any research on this yet, and I hadn’t read any of the warnings of “Always have someone do this with you, never do this alone!” Instead, I thought, “I bet I can do this myself, it doesn’t seem that hard.” (But I always choose to do this in my bathroom – after all, there is an open flame - (though I've never had any emergencies where I've needed to soak my bathroom with water :)

So I did. And it worked even better the second time. It seemed that I needed several sessions to get things cleared up, then I didn’t seem to need it so often. But every once in a while, I like to do this again when it seems that my hearing is getting a little muffled again. I enjoy the experience and the benefits.

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