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My original plan was that you would be able to order ear candles from me. That was my intention, anyway. I got the information I needed, bought what I needed and proceeded to make – well – yes, they were ear candles, and yes, they worked ok, but they just didn’t look professional, you know? I didn’t think I’d be wanting to sell them to anyone any time soon! Maybe I just need to practise . . .

But even though I’m not selling you my own ear candles, I still wanted to be able to recommend a good place to you where you could buy your own ear candles, and I'd like to recommend buying ear candles from Angela at www.bee-pollen-buzz.com . I have bought some of her products and I was pleased with both the service I received and the items that I got (and no, I'm not getting a commission lol).

All of their ear candles are made from all natural beeswax, which is good. You may find some other places that sell ear candles for less, but they are probably using paraffin wax. While less expensive, they may burn at higher temperatures and are more likely to drip, neither of which you want. These ear candles are coated with the beeswax rather than being made by dipping the cotton strips into the wax and then being wrapped around the candle mold. This is good as it reduces the possibility of wax dripping down to your ear on the inside of the candle. If I were making my own candles, this is the way I would want to make them.(See my page on ear candles and how they're made).

So get your own ear candles here!

Something you can get through me are organic essential oils. If you’re unfamiliar with organic essential oils , find out more about why I am never without them. They’re great!

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