Organic Essential Oils

I am so grateful that I have found out about organic essential oils. I use them to stop the itch of mosquito bites, to heal infections, and to stabilize my emotions on those off days. Essential oils are wonderful to use and I feel so fortunate to know about them. I have a number of different oils in my home; I use them for all different reasons.

If you're just learning about essential oils, here's a bit of an introduction to them.

How Did I Find Out About
Organic Essential Oils?

As so often happens, we find things to help us when we have a need. In my case, I had a young daughter with chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. We went to a nutritionist in Oakville, Ontario who had solved her own chronic fatigue issues and had designed a get-well program that included reflexology.

Well - we loved the reflexology and after moving to another city, we found a reflexologist in that area. This reflexologist happened to use essential oils in her practice. She would spend time talking with my daughter about what was going on in her life and she would choose essential oils that she thought would help her.

She told us that when it comes to essential oils, you need to “follow your nose”. If you try one and you think “oh, I don’t like that one” – you would know that that particular oil just isn’t the one you need, but when you try another one and you say, “Ooohhh, I love this one!” – that one will prove to be a good oil for you.

For a while I was taking my daughter for reflexology treatments once a week. When the week was almost up, my daughter would start saying, “It’s time to go back!” I realized after a bit that because the oils remain active in your system for a week, it was really the oils and the wonderfully positive affect on her that she was wanting. Of course, the reflexology was great too.

So that was my introduction to essential oils. Our reflexologist used only Young Living Essential Oils because they were pure oils and organic. I really can't tell you enough how great it is to have them around; they can be used for removing wood ticks, removing mold from your basement, to sharpen your memory before an exam, the benefits are so varied and seem endless.

Take a look for yourself at Young Living Essential Oils and see what there is. It's really quite amazing - from oils and blends to nutritional supplements, hair, skin and bath products, even stuff for kids and pets! If you like what you see, you can purchase it online or contact me with orders or questions (enter 1022863 when creating your free account).

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Why Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living Essential Oils are pure, effective and natural, providing immediate results without harmful side effects. So why not Young Living Essential Oils?