How to Ear Candle

Learning how to ear candle is simple. However, my advice is to go first to someone who is a professional. You'll see exactly how it should be done to be effective. And besides, it's such a pleasant and pampering experience! They may have lovely music playing, wonderfully aromatic organic essential oils diffused in the air, pleasant decor, all adding to your enjoyment.

But these add-ons, pleasant as they are, aren't what makes ear candling so effective. And although it's helpful to experience ear candling in the hands of someone who is familiar with it, you quickly realize that it's simple to follow these instructions on how to ear candle and that you can do this for yourself.

Here is how to ear candle.

1. Where should I have my ear candling session?

Even though I’ve never had an issue with the flame, I think it’s a good idea to use a room that has easy access to water – the kitchen or the bathroom. If you do choose a room such as the dining room, please have water handy as a precaution.

2. What do I need?

You need ear candles, matches or a lighter, water, scissors, a foil pie plate and an old towel.

3. Should I be sitting or lying down?

This is a personal preference and will depend on which room you are using. If another person is helping you, you may choose to sit at the kitchen table resting your head on a cushion. If on your own, you may choose to be in your bathroom on a chair, positioned so that you can tilt your head and also see yourself in the mirror.

4. Do I need to protect my clothes?

It’s a good idea to put an old towel over your shoulders. Depending on the ear candles you are using, you may or may not find that the candles drip. (it depends on how they are made). If you get any wax on your clothes, you can remove it with hot water, but it’s a little annoying. However, when you're learning how to ear candle -

5. Use a foil plate.

I make a hole in the centre of a regular pie plate (if you don't have any for baking pies, you can buy them easily in a grocery store). I make the hole just large enough to fit the candle and it makes a fire-proof surface for catching drips and any possible ash.

6. Then -

Light the wide end of the candle and insert the narrow end through the hole that you made in your plate. The plate is positioned about three or four inches from narrow end of the candle. Rest the narrow end of the candle gently in your ear, holding the candle below the pie plate. You may have to experiment a little, tipping the candle this way or that to get it positioned correctly. You will likely hear a small crackling or rustling sound.

As the candle burns down, watch how much ash is on the end of the candle. Remove the candle from your ear periodically and cut the ash off the end of the candle. Pay attention to how far the candle is burning down, don’t let the candle get shorter than four inches or so.

7. What will I notice?

You may notice a small crinkling or rustling sound. You may or may not notice a bit of warmth occasionally. There may be a small bit of pressure as the ear wax is drawn forward through your ear canal. There are times when my ears have been quite plugged and I've felt like they are getting more plugged instead of less. I continue with the candle, then I feel a little "glug", and the block suddenly lets go. If one candle has made your ear feel more blocked, just continue with another one.

8. Extinguish the flame.

Did I really need to say that? But no instructions for how to ear candle would be complete without it: please do make sure that when you use ear candles that the matches and candles are completely out before disposing of them.

And that's it!

I'm sure you're finding that the instructions for how to ear candle are really quite simple. If you've had problems with your ears for a while, you may have to use ear candles once or twice a month for a bit. After that, you might wish to do this once or twice a year, as needed. If you're looking for your own ear candles, there are some good ones here. (Type "ear candles" in the "search" box for more choices.) And don't forget to check out the ear candles with essential oils,

organic essential oils have soooo many uses and benefits that there isn't room to talk about it here. I've devoted a whole section to organic essential oils, so check it out! They are so helpful and good for you.

Please note that if you have perforated ear drums or tubes in your ears, do not use ear candles. If you have an ear infection, please seek the appropriate medical attention.

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