The Fly That Said "Buzz"

A few years ago my daughter told me a story involving a fly and the cutest little two-year-old who was in a music class for young children she was teaching. The mother of the two-year-old started telling the story of a recent trip to the emergency department of the hospital, and as soon as she started speaking, her daughter pointed at her ear and said, "Buzz buzz! Buzz buzz!"

What happened was her daughter had come up to her at home, pointed at her ear and said repeatedly, "Buzz buzz!" while pointing at her ear. Her puzzled mom looked down at her daughter's ear, listened - and yes - there was a "Buzz buzz" coming from her ear!

Well, this is up in Grey County near Owen Sound in Ontario. If you've ever been there in the summer, you might know all about cluster flies, a unique breed of flies that I hope to never run into again. They really do cluster; on the farms they sometimes cluster in the corners of the ceilings, or when the sun is warming the outside of the house, the walls can be literally black with flies. They also like to gather at the windows, walk upwards and fall down, up and fall down. Walk up and fall down. Over and over and over.

They also like to hibernate in the walls through the winter. Have you heard expression "they're coming out of the woodwork" or "they just disappeared into the woodwork"? I am convinced that whoever coined these expressions must have lived in Grey County with cluster flies. They can appear and disappear through the tiniest of cracks.

When the mom realized it was a fly and that the fly couldn't get out, she headed straight to emergency; the fly continuing to buzz during the entire ten-minute drive and until a doctor managed to pull out the fly.

I'm sure this must have been a cluster fly.

Oh well, maybe there are some things that require more than ear candling!

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